Save Your Skin from Summer

Save Your Skin from Summer

We get it. It’s easy to be swept away in summer’s fresh-faced, sunshine-fueled magic. Unfortunately though, that magic doesn’t last forever. Eventually, days become shorter, leaves change their colors and you come to the realization that your “summer glow” is actually summer sun damage. Not to fear– our Med Spa has just what you need to help reduce summer’s affects, replacing it with healthily glowing skin that’s prepared for upcoming cool months. Here’s how.

Laser Treatments

Broadband Light Energy (BBL)

Our BBL treatment uses innovative light technology to target specific areas of your skin where sun spots, aging, small facial vessels or redness have taken a toll. The energy from this light gently heats the top layers of your skin, stimulating your skin cells to regenerate new collagen. The result? Clear and radiant skin!


Similar to the BBL treatment, this option also uses non-invasive light energy. The energy heats the collagen in your face, jumpstarting your skin’s natural healing process. This creates a new collagen foundation in your face, and leaves you with a firm, fresh complexion.

Forever Young BBL

This treatment combines both BBL and SkinTyte into one, comprehensive treatment to improve your skin’s overall tone, complexion and elasticity.

Chemical Peels

Laser treatments aren’t your only option though! Our Med Spa also offers chemical peels designed to aggressively yet safely hit the “reset” button on your skin.

VI Peel

One of the most well-known, deep-peeling treatments, the VI Peel is designed to reduce, or even completely eliminate, age spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. The benefits don’t stop there. This peel also is proven to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and acne, while stimulating collagen for firmer, more smooth skin.


This non-invasive peel is ideal for patients with mild to moderate sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scars or melasma. Although it’s recommended to do a series of peels, these visible imperfections are addressed after the initial peel, leaving skin smooth and youthful.


The most gentle peel, the Illuminize peel, will restore your summer glow by brightening, tightening and eliminating fine lines and discoloration that have occurred. Similar to the Vitalize peel, this treatment is designed for patients with mild skin conditions or first-time chemical peel patients.

Don’t let summer’s damage outweigh its magic. Contact us to make your consultation appointment, so that you can greet fall with radiant, healthy skin.