Estheticians: Who, What, Why

Estheticians: Who, What, Why

Similar to winter’s snowflakes, each and every person’s skin is unique. Because of this, two people can have identical skincare routines, but their results can be different every time. This often leads to people with problem areas questioning who they should see, why they should see them, and what can be offered at these appointments. And with all sorts of people claiming “expert” status on skincare, this decision is made more difficult by the day. That’s where we come in with the true experts– our estheticians.

Who are Estheticians?

Estheticians are quite simply skincare specialists who, depending on the licensing state, often have to complete between 250-1,500 hours of training to earn this title. From facials to acid peels, this licensing process trains these experts on a wide array of cosmetic treatments designed to make (or keep) your skin looking its most beautiful.

What Is the Difference?

The biggest differentiating factor between estheticians and a medical professional is that, although they are trained experts, they are not doctors or nurses. Therefore, estheticians cannot write prescriptions for clients or perform injectable procedures on clients. Don’t let these factors cause you to underestimate their knowledge though! These licensed professionals are thoroughly trained to assess your skin’s needs, then advise you on their version of a prescription, a product or treatment designed specifically for your areas of concerns that will yield your desired results.

With these differing factors in mind, at Rejuvenation Clinic & Day Spa, our team of estheticians go above and beyond to provide Little Rock with the effectiveness of professional treatments in a spa setting. In fact, our Med Spa team is proudly made up of licensed medical professionals, Robert Young, MD, and Sara Molsbee, RN, to perform non-surgical med spa treatments, including injectables, in house.

Why See One?

If you’ve ever tried to determine your ideal skincare routine solely by reading product reviews online, you know that this experiment can often be both exhausting and costly. With all of the contradictory information available, it helps to see an expert. When you visit with our estheticians or our registered nurse, you will receive personalized attention to learn about your skin and determine what it responds well to, what irritates it and what the next steps moving forward should be. Often, these treatments or products aren’t available in stores or they can’t be done by yourself. Even better? You get all of this professional advice in the serene luxury of our spa’s setting.

Whether you’re unhappy with your skin’s appearance or you simply want some help maintaining it, our spa, voted the Best Day Spa in Arkansas for many years running, is the place for you. Contact us today for your appointment.