How to Winterize Your Skin

How to Winterize Your Skin

Cold weather has arrived in Arkansas in full force, and your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that’s taking a hit. On teeth-chattering days where your hair holds enough static to shock people and your skin feels similar to the Sahara, it’s time to swap out your tried-and-true summer skincare routine with a more winter-friendly version. Here’s how.

Hydrate Like It’s Your Job

There’s good and bad news that comes with fall/ winter’s arrival. The good– Humidity is a thing of the past! The bad– Thanks to the lack of humidity, your skin is now more likely to dry out. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Then, hydrate from the outside in with our new, multi-acid Rejuvenation Signature Facial from our Day Spa coupled with leading moisturizers available for purchase.

Keep Your Showers Short

Now that temperatures have dropped, you may be tempted to warm up with a long and steamy shower. Fight that feeling and save your skin by opting to shower like the NRDC is watching. Water washes away the natural oils that moisturize your skin, and excessive heat that might feel comforting in the moment, leaves both your skin and hair dehydrated.

Don’t Neglect SPF

Whether pool-side or snow-side, protecting your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays is a year-round job. Not only does SPF guard against sun burn and certain cancers, but it also fights against dullness and wrinkles that are a result from too much exposure. If sun damage has already taken a toll on your face– don’t worry. Hit the “reset” button with one of our Med Spa’s chemical peels then get back to lathering up.

You Are What You Eat

Don’t make yourself miserable by skipping grandma’s Thanksgiving casserole or Uncle Paul’s famous pecan pie, but do remember that you are what you eat. Foods rich in omega-3s such as salmon, sardines, anchovies and halibut will thank you by leaving your skin healthy and supple.

Be Gentle

Heavily exfoliating may seem like the solution to your dry skin problem, but you might be doing more harm than good. If you’re exfoliating at home, remember to cleanse longer, not harder, for a deeper clean. Another option? Contact us! Our HydraFacial MD, performed by a registered nurse, will leave your skin gorgeously glowing thanks to a safe exfoliation.

Just like your clothing, your skincare will change from season to season. But with a little extra TLC and some help from our team at Rejuvenation Clinic, you’ll be able to welcome winter with open arms and radiant skin.